About Us

The Leyland Cypress team is made of tree huggers and Nantucketers who are passionate about planting, maintaining, and enjoying Leylands on our beautiful island.

Geoff Smith

Geoff1Geoff was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska. Geoff brought his love of nature and entrepreneurial spirit with him when he washed up on the shores of Nantucket. As a loyal and passionate resident of Nantucket, Geoff started a local landscaping and construction company. Most recently, Geoff created the local Nantucket tree nursery: Saturday Morning Farms. This is where he found the magic that is Leyland Cypress. Geoff loves working with Leylands because they are easy to maintain, quick to grow, and they’re absolutely beautiful. Leylands make for the perfect evergreen screen, living wall, or hedge.

Every planting season, Geoff makes a point of visiting tree farms across the United States to hand pick the largest and bushiest trees. We purchase in bulk, ship to Nantucket, and pass on the wholesale pricing to our clients.

Now we’re passing on this great landscaping secret to you. Reserve yours today.

Nantucket Leyland Delivery – 2017